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Jodi Arias
is entitled to a fair trial!
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Welcome to!!!!
A site dedicated to helping Jodi Ann Arias get a second, fair trial. This trial had all the hallmarks of a witchhunt and Jodi got railroaded.
Dear Jodi supporter, I created this site to publish unbiased and truthful information about Jodi's case and speading it all over the world! It is our mission to help Jodi with her appeals.
Jodi is entitled to a fair trial under the Constitution of the United States.
Join the justice team and help Jodi appeal her sentence! If you so desire, you can give your donation at Justice4Jodi. Thank you for your ongoing support! Jodi is very grateful to all her supporters!
Beware of SCAM artists!
Important News: Jodi is a scapegoat!!! Upcoming events: --- New acticles: Myth #1: alleged stalking Site updates: --- Corruption: Intro
Important News!
Upcoming events
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Reported on: 10/30/2014
Jodi is a scapegoat!!!
The purpose of this page is to bring to attention the double standard that the State of Arizona, specifically the Maricopa county Attorney’s Office, is applying to Jodi Arias in comparison to other defendants this office has prosecuted.
Reported on: 12/01/2013
Gus Searcy
Here's an interview with Gus Searcy, Jodi Arias' mentor. He's a very sharp guy and his incisive intellect cuts straight to the chase!
I'll tell you something really strange, you want to talk about conspiracy theories? There were two male friends of Jodi's and I don't know their names... the last name of one of them was Freeman, and I don't know the last name of the other one. It was a young man named Freeman and there was another young man. And the night that Jodi... the day that Jodi was arrested one of them committed suicide, and a couple of days later the other one committed suicide. So when you talk about the two Ninja story: here are two young men who knew Jodi and the day she's arrested one commits suicide and a couple of days later the other one commits suicide. That's a pretty weird coincidence and it's never been discussed.
Read more: Gus Searcy
Reported on: 08/26/2013
Darryl Brewer
Here's an interview taken from Darryl Brewer, Jodi Arias' former boyfriend, with whom she shared many joeful moments.
Let's start with why you're here today. What is it that you wanted to say in that court room today that you didn't get the chance to say Well, I needed to tell the jury that there was a whole nother life to Jodi Ann Arias. A life where

she was cherished and responsible and respected and loving and caring

and I just don't feel that that's gotten across.
Read more: Darryl Brewer
Reported on: 11/16/2013
Myth #1: alleged stalking
This myth is so widespread that people often don't even question its validity, they take it as a given, but this myth is in and of itself fraught with logical errors because it assumes facts not in evidence, which makes it quite dangerous and damaging, especially if those, who haven't paid close attention, use it in their reasoning. There's no direct evidence whatsoever that she engaged in stalking behavior. All we have at the moment is highly questionable circumstantial evidence consisting, for the most part of, hearsay (such as: Travis told somebody that he suspected Jodi had done something to his car) and as we all know hearsay is the least reliable type of circumstantial evidence (although it's sometimes admitted in court, because there are exception to the hearsay rule). Also there were a lot of guesswork (which doesn't rise to the level of evidence, it's plain speculation and, unlike hearsay, is NEVER admissible in court) regarding this alleged "stalking" on the part of Travis's friends (they stated that they got a bad "vibe" from Jodi, or she looked "creepy" to them but that's pure unadulterated hogwash: I can look creepy to you and yet perfectly natural to somebody else - it's all a matter of perception
Reported on: 07/02/2014
The following list of death row exonerations is provided courtesy of The proponents of the death penalty like to cite the hackneyed "Think of the victims" line. Well, aren't these 146 people victims??? Were the people who attempted to murder them held accountable? The sad truth is prosecutors almost never get disciplined for misconduct/withholding exculpatiry evidence! Very rarely do you see them get mere DAYS in jail, and that only happens if their crime was proven (which is very hard to do because the standard of proof is just too high to meet in such cases and the prosecutors go unpunished)
1 David Keaton FL B 1971 1973 2 Charges Dismissed
2 Samuel A. Poole NC B 1973 1974 1 Charges Dismissed
Read more: Intro
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