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Myth #1: alleged stalking
This myth is so widespread that people often don't even question its validity, they take it as a given, but this myth is in and of itself fraught with logical errors because it assumes facts not in evidence, which makes it quite dangerous and damaging, especially if those, who haven't paid close attention, use it in their reasoning. There's no direct evidence whatsoever that she engaged in stalking behavior. All we have at the moment is highly questionable circumstantial evidence consisting, for the most part of, hearsay (such as: Travis told somebody that he suspected Jodi had done something to his car) and as we all know hearsay is the least reliable type of circumstantial evidence (although it's sometimes admitted in court, because there are exception to the hearsay rule). Also there were a lot of guesswork (which doesn't rise to the level of evidence, it's plain speculation and, unlike hearsay, is NEVER admissible in court) regarding this alleged "stalking" on the part of Travis's friends (they stated that they got a bad "vibe" from Jodi, or she looked "creepy" to them but that's pure unadulterated hogwash: I can look creepy to you and yet perfectly natural to somebody else - it's all a matter of perception and opinions vary from person to person. And even if I look creepy to a majority of people, it's still far from stalking and does not constitute criminal behavior in any way shape or form). Let's take a look at the "evidence" (or the lack thereof) of the supposed stalking. I'll present you with a couple of "exhibits" taken from various accounts/testimonies:

Exhibit #1: "Travis reported damage to his car to the Mesa Police Department on Feb. 2, 2008, listing his Mesa, Ariz. Address. However, Alexander declined to mention who he believed was responsible for the act."


This shows that somebody slashed his tires (or else it wouldn’t make sense for him to report this to the police), but it doesn't say who did this criminal act. Travis, due to his strikingly good looks, was a sexually promiscuous fellow, and he had had multiple partners in his life. Girls get jealous if the guy they like doesn't return their feelings for him, and shines them on. It's quite possible that one jealous girl from his harem became miffed at Travis and did the damage. Who was it - that's a good question! As of now we don't know who it could have been. Jodi wasn't exactly the jealous type: she did not exhibit this kind of jealous behavior in the past (the kind that crosses the line, the kind that amounts to something crminal). Jodi has no criminal record, she hasn't had any trouble with the law, she has always been a law-abiding citizen. Why suspect her? No reason whatsoever.

Conclusion: we may rule Jodi out as the perpetrator because there are too many suspects.

Exhibit #2: Chris and Sky Hughes reported that Jodi had been allegedly eavesdropping on them talking to Travis. They said that “So we’re talking for a couple hours and my wife — she’s got a "sixth sense" about things – whispered ‘Oh, my gosh – Jodi is out there. She’s listening.’” Next came a knock at the door, and Jodi was there “asking if everything is OK.” After Jodi left, Sky had the same "six sense" that she was outside the door once again. This time, Alexander jumped off the bed, jerked the door open and there she stood.


Let's start with a nonsensical word combination they used - "six sense". What is "six sense"? It's NOT something that exists, its existence hasn't been proven scientifically (we're trying to steer clear of magic here, because then the trial would be even more reminiscent of the middle-ages and Salem witch trials, that's why I'm bringing up science. BTW Martinez insisted on everything being scientifically verifiable, so he shouldn't be complaining). Furthermore there's no scientific evidence to even suggest that "six sense" is in existence. So right there I smell bull, a lie intended to deceive the public. There's simply no such thing as "six sense". Then what could have tipped them off about Jodi standing near the door? Well, Jodi could have made some noise as she was approaching the door to knock on it, open it and inquire if everything was OK in the first instance. I think that was very thoughtful of her indeed. In the second instance she could have been about to knock on the door - although we don't know that's the case, we don't know that's NOT the case, and therefore her standing at the door can't be construed as evidence of eavesdropping. For all we know she was just being considerate and she wanted to make sure that everything was OK, or maybe she, being a very sociable person, wanted to be part of their conversation (shutting her out like that was VERY impolite of them), and used the stock phrase "is everything OK" as an ice-breaker. But obviously the first time she was given the cold shoulder because Chris and Sky Hughes were dead set against her and didn't want to admit her into their circle, maybe because they didn't consider her a Mormon.

Conclusion: the two incidents described herein hardly qualify as eavesdropping, the most likely reason being she was just trying to break the ice and join in on their conversation.

Exhibit #3: Mimi Hall said that Travis thought Jodi had followed him on a date. Lisa Daidone said that in mid to late February 2008 “strange things were happening,” when they were together. During one incident, a home security alarm alerted that a door had been opened but when the couple went to investigate they found nothing. “It was almost as if she knew we were together at the time,” she said.


In the first incident we have plain old hearsay, and I don't think it even occurred, Jodi and Mimi were rivals for Travis's heart and Mimi is not a very partial witness and her testimony is to be taken with a pitch of salt. And even if Travis did tell her that, it's still not certain what made him "think" that Jodi had followed him. Maybe Travis was mistaken and it was somebody else, or Travis was simply being paranoid and nobody actually followed him. We simply don't know. But most likely Travis was mistaken. In the second incident, with Lisa Daidone, it's still unknown who did set off the alarm. It could be that the alarm had malfunctioned, and the door hadn't been opened at all. Then the door could have been opened by an intruder who then "chickened out" when he heard somebody going to the door and quickly left. Lisa Daidone assumed it was Jodi who was responsible for that, and I think she decided to finally lay the blame on Jodi it AFTER Travis’s death, to make Jodi look guilty. She had no reason to finger Jodi whatsoever, because a number of things could account for that strange occurrence with the alarm.

Conclusion: pure, meritless speculations, based on a false premise that Jodi was a "bad" person in those women's eyes.

Exhibit #4: She Gave Off ‘A Bad Vibe’ Many of Travis’ friends said they felt uncomfortable around Jodi: “My wife didn’t like her from the start, we always got an odd vibe like she was hiding something,” or “Her eyes were creepy and she was distant and didn’t seem like she was totally present. It seemed like she put on a happy, pretty look, but on the inside wasn’t really happy”


Another variation on “I think you look creepy, then you must be up to no good”. It looks like some sort of look-sizm (racism, only based on looks). Many black people were falsely accused of crimes they had nothing to do with purely based off of the color of their skin! I don’t need to expound on the folly of such a way of reasoning – it’s quite obvious (and I touched on it above) that whether someone look creepy or not is mostly a matter of opinion, and even if it’s not (if a person is “so creepy” that everybody thinks they are), being creepy and committing crimes are two completely different things, they are not related to each other at all! Such profiling has been proven false again and again. And yet Jodi was profiled by those jackals, they concluded that just because they thought she looked a certain way, that meant that she was guilty of stalking. And other, simple-minded people picked it up and they still believe that this proves that Jodi is a “stalker”! What a bunch of hooey! Be that as it may, they have yet to show me a single photo of or with Jodi where she looks ostensibly “creepy”! I haven’t seen one – on almost every photo she seems to be in good spirits, cheerful, vivacious, smiling, joyful, and jubilant! She doesn’t exhibit any signs of what those knuckleheads call “creepiness”. In fact she’s the opposite of creepy! Looking at her you want to smile back, to keep eye contact, not to turn your gaze away (like when I look at Nancy DisGrace in every video, I always want to look away – she IS creepy, Nancy can be termed as creepy, and I admit it’s just my opinion on her looks, and others my disgrace – yet I have the common sense not to claim that Nancy DisGrace is a stalker because of her creepy looks)

Conclusion: the exhibit is complete, unadulterated hogwash, no connection with reality whatsoever!

Exhibit #5: Jodi allegedly hacked Travis’s email account, and what she found was not to her liking.


Hacking is an interesting term. I work in the computer industry and I know that hacking an account implies logging into the system using someone’s account without knowing the password. Hacking can be done using brute force (trying many passwords in a loop – a very grueling task if done manually, almost always done with help from some program), or exploiting the weaknesses of the server to gain access (hardly ever possible, unless you’re some sort of whizz or an employee of the company that owns the server and know the server’s vulnerabilities). Now I am sure Jodi wasn’t a computer expert, hacking an account would be outside of her pay grade. So the Exhibit is worded incorrectly. Maybe a better way to put it would be “Jodi read Travis’s email”. That sounds a lot better and more in keeping with what Jodi would actually be able to accomplish on her own, without studying computers (which wasn’t her intention, BTW). So the only means of how she could have read his emails is that either Travis gave her his password or she used his computer while he was away doing something else.
Now let’s have a look at the evidence:
“According to Flores, the defendant told him during questioning that she and Alexander were so distrustful of each other that they shared their Facebook, MySpace and Gmail passwords in a failed bid to patch up their unraveling relationship”
This effectively means that Travis willingly gave Jodi his password, to repair the breach of trust in their relationship. They later changed their passwords. So that explains how Jodi read Travis’s emails, because Travis had consented to her reading his mail!

Conclusion: not stalking, not by a long shot! There’s no stalking there at all.

Exhibit #6: She Acted Like She Lived At His House. Taylor Searle said, “When I first met her we were at his house on a Sunday evening. She presented herself to me as ‘his’ woman and welcomed me to her house.”


Well, Travis and Jodi dated at that time, they were very close, as close as a woman and a man can be. There’s nothing surprising in the fact that Jodi had her designs on Travis, she wanted their relation to grow into a marriage, she wanted to spend her life with this man whom she loved. She was his steady girlfriend (or at least she thought she was) and it’s quite natural for her to introduce herself as “his” woman (girlfriend). Why would she be hiding that? Why would she be lying about their relationship and pretending to everyone else that they were just friends? And since they were together at his house, it’s also quite natural for her to assume the role of “hostess” of sorts and welcome the guests who had arrived into the house. I fail to see the big deal.

Conclusion: something very innocuous, completely blown out of all proportion by hate spreaders!

Exhibit #7: She Allegedly Sent Threatening Messages To Other His Girlfriends. The mystery messages read “You are a shameful w**re. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man,”


The operative word here is allegedly. They didn’t have any proof whatsoever. As I have already mentioned, Travis had had a ton of girlfriends, women were literally falling all over themselves trying to please him and vying for his attention! A man like that must have had a few super-jealous girlfriends on the books, that could have done this, that could have sent such awful messages (maybe they should find and investigate those who sent death threats during the trial – could be one of them sent these messages as well, because it’s obvious that whoever it is, this person is nuts). But we have no reason to believe it was Jodi because she didn’t act very jealous, she was a bit jealous, but she didn’t exhibit her jealousy much, as she was more introverted and didn’t like to show her emotions, she was very meek in that regard!

Conclusion: more wild rumors, no proof.

So thus we have proven that Jodi probably did not stalk Travis because she did nothing out of the ordinary, and those things that could be out of the ordinary – there’s no proof that she did them, only allegations (coming from Travis’s friends or girlfriends – hardly impartial witnesses), In closing, Travis's friends all at once speculated that she had stalked Travis prior to the incident, but they all were VERY short on proof. And one cannot take their testimonies at face value, mainly because they weren't impartial observers, they all had an axe to grind. One can further surmise that their testimony was slanted and biased against Jodi because they were driven by their incessant, twisted desire to hatch a perfect plan to exact revenge on Jodi, because they believed she was "evil". Come to think of it, that is quite fitting - their ultimate agendas were to put more nails in Jodi's coffin, to feed her to the media dogs, to spread evil, unsubstantiated rumors about Jodi, to make her look guilty as hell, which she is not! In other words taking their words for it, believing that the stalking had actually taken place, would be plain wrong. Also we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Travis's friends were craving public attention too, some to advance their businesses, some just to catch some prime time, and it's known to one and all that Nancy DisGrace won't invite anybody to her shows unless they have something untoward, tawdry and sordid to say about Jodi (or whoever she's in the process of maligning for higher ratings). To Nancy DisGrace it doesn't matter in the least if what her guests are saying is all a big bag of lies and half-truths: as long as it makes a splash and keeps people glued to their TV sets it's all fair game. Travis's friends use this kind of logic to conclude that Jodi stalked Travis: "this defendant wears a striped shirt and pants, he must be guilty of something" or "This defendant has a shaven skull with tattoos on it, it looks like he has committed some sort of violent crime, possibly murder" or "this defendant looked at me the wrong way, then he scowled at me and broke eye contact, he must be guilty as sin of something horrific, like rape or aggravated battery"!

But let's take a look at one of Travis's friends and his credibility:
Dave Hall: A knucklehead, who is facing felony charges now for his disorderly behavior at Goblin Valley (look it up, all is a matter of public record). How can we trust this future felon? Ok, maybe it was a momentary lapse of judgment. But we dig around on youtube and find the same Dave Hall digging up a grave! Yes, a grave, and bragging about it like a complete dimwitted moron:
The man is certifiable, how can we trust that Dave Hall and his wife who undoubtedly knows of her wayward hubby's follies and still lives with him? The answer is - we DON"T trust them, they are a bunch of criminals and I wouldn't trust them to tell the time! Of course they LIED about Jodi's stalking Travis! Of course they lied their hineys' off, for the attention it brought them, and to founder Jodi's ship. They are scumbags! So you see, there's NO evidence of stalking, none whatsoever, except for lies, hearsay and speculations (like "somebody stalked Travis, it MUST have been Jodi" - complete hogwash). I have scoured the internet and have come up empty.
The only conclusion is that Jodi did not stalk Travis (or at least there's no indication of it), that Travis's friends prejudged Jodi based on how she looked (they didn't like her smile or the way she referred to Travis, or the way she behaved) and they erroneously surmised that Jodi stalked Travis, even though they had no reason to believe it, other than their personal dislike of Jodi.
But there's more to this: what's interesting is that they said that they hadn't liked her after the fact, after the incident, after Jodi had been singled out and jailed, which sounds suspect to me, because they had good reason to be against Jodi in the wake of her arrest. They ASSUMED that since she was in jail, it must mean that she was guilty, and they started over-analyzing her past behavior and frantically looking for any sign of "weird" (to them!!!) behavior. They of course omitted everything else, everything redeemable about her. It's called selective perception, when people throw out/dismiss everything that doesn't support their strongly held belief, and instead pay more attention to everything that supports it.
Posted by Admin, on Saturday November 16, 2013 at 08:50:11 (UTC)
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